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Fig. 4

Conserved sequence motifs in tapRNAs. a Comparison of conservation between tapRNAs, lncRNAs and protein coding genes. The curves are kernel density estimation (KDE) of conservation scores calculated from the phastCons multiple alignments of 100 vertebrate species. b Clustered heatmap of conserved domains in transcribed tapRNAs. Aligned sequences (shown in ) in 279 non-redundant tapRNA isoforms are clustered (Euclidean distance). Sixteen minor clusters were identified and grouped into four major clusters. Each minor cluster’s centroids are shown with the number of tapRNAs belonging to each minor cluster. Thirty-nine tapRNAs (top group, ) have a more than ~ 73 % conserved domain in their transcribed sequences. Functional category annotation search reveals that tapRNAs of the top group are highly related to developmental proteins or Homeobox proteins. In contrast, 76 tapRNAs of the bottom cluster () do not have any sequence conservation and do not show significant common functionality. There are also some minor groups in which position-specific conservation is clearly present (e.g. 5′ end-specific or 3′ end-specific). c Example of conserved domains in a tapRNA. RNA sequence alignments of regions conserved between human and mouse tapRNA are represented in . d Enriched RNA-binding motif in conserved domains of tapRNAs. Thirty-two significantly enriched 8-mer motifs (Additional file 2 : Figure S13b; value 1 × 10) in conserved domains in tapRNAs are identified and clustered into ten consensus motifs. motif analysis discovers known RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) with matching binding consensus motifs. Seven out of ten consensus motifs are part of binding motifs of zinc finger proteins

The fact that we can detect discrete conserved sequence domains within the tapRNA group (Fig. 4b, c ) prompted us to examine whether there are any sequence motifs in common between them. Motif enrichment analysis identified 32 8-mer motifs that were significantly more represented in the conserved domains of tapRNAs relative to non-conserved sequences (Fig. 4d ; Additional file Get Authentic For Sale Fashionable Cheap Online Womens TriangelBikini/Mini Bikini Schiesser N32cvSkc
: Figure S13b). Closer inspection indicated that these 32 motifs were related and could be sub-categorised into ten consensus motifs. Analysis of the JASPAR database [ 48 ] of consensus sequences recognised by known RNA binding proteins (RBPs) found that each of the ten motifs has the potential to bind RBPs, including proteins involved in RNA metabolism and regulation (such as hnRNP A2/B1 and hnRNP K, HuR, ELAV and EGR1), with the predominant type (seven out of ten motifs) corresponding to binding motifs of RBPs containing different zinc finger (ZF) domains (Fig. 4d ). This indicates that conserved sequences within tapRNAs may represent RNA binding motifs that regulate their processing and function. Furthermore, we found that the ten consensus motifs also match the binding motifs of known transcription factors, including a large number of ZF factors, such as CTCF, ZIC2 and ZNF263 (Additional file 4 : Figure S13c). This association raises the possibility that some of the RNA aligned stretches between mouse and human tapRNAs might reflect an overlap to conserved transcription factor binding sites in the underlying DNA sequence, although the functional relevance remains to be determined (see “ Discussion ”).

On the upside, cigarettes, alcohol and petrol are comparatively cheap, making the small state a popular destination for long-haul drivers.

, served with potatoes and washed down with a Diekirch beer

Traditional dishes are largely based on pork and potatoes and the influence of German and central European cooking is undeniable. The unofficial national dish is judd mat gaardebounen , or smoked neck of pork served with boiled broad beans. A must to try if you do get the opportunity are gromperekichelchen (literally, potato biscuits) which are a type of fried shredded potato cake containing onions, shallots and parsley. Typically found served at outdoor events such as markets or funfairs they are absolutely delicious and a particularly nice snack on a cold winter's day.

In most restaurants, however, the typical local food would be French cuisine coming in bigger portions. Italian food has been popular since the 1960s. Home cooking has been greatly influenced by the recipes of Ketty Thull, apparently the best-selling cooking and baking book in Luxembourg since WW II.

You can also taste the "Bamkuch" (literally tree cake), which is eaten mainly during celebrations such as weddings and baptisms. This cake is traditionally made on a spit and presented as a tree trunk composed of several layers, visible when it is cut, and that represent the tree rings.

The Luxembourg white wines from the Moselle valley to the east of Luxembourg include Riesling, Auxerrois, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Rivaner and Elbling, and are good. In autumn, many villages along the Moselle river organise wine-tasting village festivals.

Young people tend to drink local or imported beer. Luxembourg has a number of breweries, with Diekirch , from Cheap Amazing Price Cheap Find Great The Charlie Cami in Dark Green size L also in MSXS Cami NYC Manchester Cheap Online Buy Online Authentic New Arrival Cheap Price jnxoS3
, Bofferding, Battin, Simon and Mousel being the most popular. Despite the fact that you would be hard pushed to find any of these outside of the country, all are excellent lagers.

As an after dinner digestive, Luxembourgers like to drink an eau-de-vie . The most commonly available are Mirabelle and Quetsch . Both are made from plums and are extremely strong! Sometimes these are taken in coffee which may be a little more palatable for some.

Due to the heavy banking and EU presence in the city, hotels in central Luxembourg are quite expensive, although there is a good youth hostel (see Luxembourg (city)#Sleep ). It may be more cost-effective to stay across the border in e.g. Trier and "commute" into Luxembourg.

The Association of Independent Hotels in Luxembourg operates a booking service at for a number of smaller hotels, mostly in the countryside, but a few in the city.

Luxembourg is a major player in the financial service sector. Many thousands of people commute from neighbouring Belgium, France ( Les frontaliers ) and Germany ( Die Grenzgänger ) on weekdays, considerably swelling the population of the capital city. The majority work in the numerous financial institutions based in and around the capital (particularly in the Kirchberg district) and are drawn across the borders by the excellent salaries on offer. Luxembourg City has a very international flavour as in addition to les frontaliers , it attracts young professionals from all over the globe. In this area, business is done predominantly in English, French or German and it is necessary to be fluent in one of these at a minimum, although many jobs will demand proficiency in at least two.


Small anonymous functions can be created with the Womens Skinny / Slim Fit Jeans Cross Jeanswear Get To Buy Cheap Online Buy Online With Paypal Low Shipping Cheap Price Sale Online Store UQvvV
keyword. This function returns the sum of its two arguments: lambda a, b: a+b . Lambda functions can be used wherever function objects are required. They are syntactically restricted to a single expression. Semantically, they are just syntactic sugar for a normal function definition. Like nested function definitions, lambda functions can reference variables from the containing scope:


The above example uses a lambda expression to return a function. Another use is to pass a small function as an argument:


Here are some conventions about the content and formatting of documentation strings.

The first line should always be a short, concise summary of the object’s purpose. For brevity, it should not explicitly state the object’s name or type, since these are available by other means (except if the name happens to be a verb describing a function’s operation). This line should begin with a capital letter and end with a period.

If there are more lines in the documentation string, the second line should be blank, visually separating the summary from the rest of the description. The following lines should be one or more paragraphs describing the object’s calling conventions, its side effects, etc.

The Python parser does not strip indentation from multi-line string literals in Python, so tools that process documentation have to strip indentation if desired. This is done using the following convention. The first non-blank line after the first line of the string determines the amount of indentation for the entire documentation string. (We can’t use the first line since it is generally adjacent to the string’s opening quotes so its indentation is not apparent in the string literal.) Whitespace “equivalent” to this indentation is then stripped from the start of all lines of the string. Lines that are indented less should not occur, but if they occur all their leading whitespace should be stripped. Equivalence of whitespace should be tested after expansion of tabs (to 8 spaces, normally).

Here is an example of a multi-line docstring:


Function annotations are completely optional metadata information about the types used by user-defined functions (see PEP 3107 and PEP 484 for more information).

PEP 3107 PEP 484

Annotations are stored in the __annotations__ attribute of the function as a dictionary and have no effect on any other part of the function. Parameter annotations are defined by a colon after the parameter name, followed by an expression evaluating to the value of the annotation. Return annotations are defined by a literal -> , followed by an expression, between the parameter list and the colon denoting the end of the def statement. The following example has a positional argument, a keyword argument, and the return value annotated:

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The Investor Protection Bureau is charged with enforcing the New York State securities law, commonly known as the Martin Act. The Martin Act gives the Attorney General broad law-enforcement powers to conduct investigations of suspected fraud in the offer, sale or purchase of securities. Where appropriate, the Attorney General may commence civil and criminal prosecutions under the Martin Act to protect investors. The Bureau also protects the public from fraud by requiring brokers, dealers, securities salespersons and investment advisers to register with the Attorney General's Office. The Bureau's other major responsibilities include the registration of franchisors and enforcement of the Franchise Law to protect franchisees.

May 30, 2018

A.G. Underwood Announces Criminal Indictment Of Queens Investment Advisor For Defrauding Elderly Clients Of Nearly $5 Million

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A.G. Schneiderman Launches Inquiry Into Cryptocurrency “Exchanges”

Apr 5, 2018

A.G. Schneiderman Releases New Report On Mutual Fund Fees, Announces Agreement By 13 Major Firms To Make New And Enhanced Disclosures To Retail Investors Following Industry-Wide Investigation

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